Audi Nines

We were present during the Audi Nines contest in Obergurgl, Austria last week. What an insane competition! The best ski and snowboard athletes from all over the globe came over to show their skills on some of the most impressive freestyle set-ups ever created!


It’s incredible to watch the progressions of ski and snowboard athletes these days. Audi Nines in Obergurgl is an elite competition that invites only the best athletes out there. The set up is so impressive that it is almost scary to look from a distance at the guys and girls flying around. Guys such as Sebbe de Buck, Niek van der Velden, Stale Sandbech, and girls such as Silje Norendal, Yuka Fujimori and Anna Gasser were really pushing what was humanly possible. We can’t wait for next years’ event. We will be there! Here is a slideshow with some of our photographs from the event!