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Audi Nines

We were present during the Audi Nines contest in Obergurgl, Austria last week. What an insane competition! The best ski and snowboard athletes from all over the globe came over to show their skills on some of the most impressive freestyle set-ups ever created!


It’s incredible to watch the progressions of ski and snowboard athletes these days. Audi Nines in Obergurgl is an elite competition that invites only the best athletes out there. The set up is so impressive that it is almost scary to look from a distance at the guys and girls flying around. Guys such as Sebbe de Buck, Niek van der Velden, Stale Sandbech, and girls such as Silje Norendal, Yuka Fujimori and Anna Gasser were really pushing what was humanly possible. We can’t wait for next years’ event. We will be there! Here is a slideshow with some of our photographs from the event!

Mentelity games 2019

We had the privilege of covering the first edition of the Mentelity Games in Saas Grund last week. Saas Grund is situated on the other side of the valley from the famous Saas Fee resort. The Mentelity games is a 3 day ski and snowboard event for disabled people and their relatives. The event attracted people from all across the globe. This event revolves around trying new activities and having a great time on the mountain. There were clinics and lessons for first timers all the way up to professional training sessions with Paralympic athletes. Participants could also test the latest equipment.

What struck us the most was the positivity that the participants brought along. Everyone seemed to be extremely happy to be surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. We tagged along with some lessons and even ended up heading into the backcountry on one early morning.

This event has a lot of potential and will only get better over the years. Let’s think in abilities not in what’s holding us back. It’s safe to say that we will be back again next year!

Have a look at the video we have made

Hidde Hageman
Why we do what we do
Stubai glacier

This winter has been absolutely phenomenal in the alps. Loads of snow and consequently many powderdays were had. We couldn’t have really asked for a better first year with Hologram Media. This winter has also given us the opportunity to formulate our vision more clearly. We now know where we want to go and with which companies and individuals we would love to work with.

Who do we want to work with and why?

We want to work with companies and people that have a passion for action-sports and the great outdoors. The mountains have a lot to offer, and we tell the best stories when we are surrounded by these giants. Those that understand our passion for these places and want to help spread the message of living an active mountain lifestyle are the people and companies we want to work with. This winter we were able to take several steps in the right direction in terms of finding the right partners. We have worked with amazing athletes and companies such as Gore-tex, Protest and Red Bull. It is an honour that these people and companies trust us and want to work with us.

Paul de Groot

Having fun and why we do what we do

Hologram Media will always be about having fun and being passionate. We want to make sure that we stay true to who we are and what made us fall in love with shooting content in these amazing places in the first place. There were many days that we didn’t earn a penny, and just went out with people we believe in. We have to make a living but that doesn’t mean we have to sell our soul. Shooting content of our talented friends is how we got into this industry in the first place. We don’t ever want to lose this passion and motivation - that is why we still head out and shoot our friends on the days we are technically not working. We are just incredibly passionate about being out in the mountains. We hope to see you there!

Kicking the season off in style!

What an amazing start to the season!

We were fortunate enough to be part of Prime Park sessions on the Stubai glacier in Austria. It was amazing to see so many of the best ski and snowboard athletes riding one of the biggest jumps on the planet.

Anna Gasser - Gold Olympic medalist big air

Anna Gasser - Gold Olympic medalist big air

Primepark occurs once a year and is the perfect place for national teams and professional athletes to practice new tricks for the busy contest season ahead. The jumps are mind blowing - they allow athletes to go really big and try new variations of tricks. We were shooting photographs but will be back for video content as our new camera and drone has arrived. Expect a lot more high end content coming from our side in the upcoming weeks! Check our gallery bellow for some more photographs!