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Freeride and advanced rider packages

We have developed several products for the European freeride and advanced rider market. We can follow you everywhere on the mountain (as long as safety is kept in mind).

We offer several standard packages but are happy to customize your experience. Get in touch and let us know your wishes!

Freeride packages

Professional photography

Half day:     350 Euro *

Full Day:     500 Euro  *

Include a guide: + 500 Euro

Videography (professional video edit to your liking)

Half day:     500 Euro *

Full-day      800 Euro *

Multi day packages available - get in touch and specify your needs!

* Half day photography product will only be available in Tirol, Austria for now

* Full day products will be available in Salzburgerland, Tirol, Sud Tirol and Vorarlberg / multi day options can be created all over the European alps! 

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