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We are Hologram Media - a high-end outdoor media company that captures stories across the globe through photography and film. We are here to tell the most compelling stories of your organization in the most authentic way. It is our opinion that content needs to be meaningful and communicated authentically - this is the only way people will remember your story. Our background in content-marketing and documentary photography / film-making helps creating these meaningful stories.

We are specialized to work in harsh environments and do not shy away from any obstacle in our way. We are willing and able to work on a wide variety of projects and are always interested to hear about your needs. Our main goal is to think along with you, and will put quality before quantity at all times. We want to know know everything about your organization and it’s identity so that we are able to deliver the best quality content imaginable.

There is a great need for authentic communication these days. Let us help you in the creation of the most authentic, compelling content so that your story will not be forgotten.

We are Hologram Media. We capture stories!


Our mission is to create the most high-end authentic content for adventurous brands and create stories for people that venture into the mountains. We are story tellers and it is our mission to tell yours in the most compelling way


We love nature and believe that the more people take interest in visiting beautiful places, the more this will influence their outlook on life. We need to preserve our planet for future generations and will only be able to do so if more individuals see the value in its importance. We are slightly idealistic and hope that our content can make people see the beauty that nature has to offer. We want people to discover places and find themselves along the way.

About the founders

Hidde Hageman

Founder & Director


Hidde is a professional content creator that likes to shoot a wide variety of subjects. The mountains are a huge inspiration for him. He is no stranger to working with famous athletes and big brands. Living and working across the globe has made him a well-rounded content creator that always seeks to push the scope of his experience.

Syo van Vliet 

Co-founder & chief of media


Syo is an experienced content creator. His passion for action sports is noticeable in his work. He has collaborated with brands such as Audi, Masters of dirt and Protest boardwear. Syo moved to the Austrian mountains to follow his passion for outdoor sports and pushing his content to the next level.

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